Wonder Nest
「 See Wonder in Better」
Going far and enjoy a journey, life can rediscover. Coming back and look around, let things become better. Every times of Going and coming; To build the Wonder Nest step by step.  Life could be the epitome as our journeys. Well-prepared before take-off, advance firmly as you soar, rest well after landing. Listen to the melody the whole forest echoes your heart. Feel the harmony each artifact nestles in your hand.
Wonder Nest Culture has a brand history of two enterprises expertize in producing ceramics for daily use. The brand is created with Lo, Yu-Fen as design director.
Dream practitioners
Professional Ceramic
Weiye Ceramics Co. and Qingfa Ceramics Co. in Chaozhou, Guangdong province are the founding couple’s family business. The couple created “Wonder Nest”, a brand making household commodities, with a professional and productive background. This brand embodies the expectation to inherit the family’s expertise and to realize the passion for life and dreams as well as imagination of a better life.
Inspiring Dream Creator
Lo, Yu-Fen
Current creative director of Wonder Nest. She went into brand management in 2010 and founded the brands of Cuckoo and Pincollection, in which she focuses on creating products with aesthetics of life to explore traditional folk arts. She keeps working on “internalization of local culture” and “modernization of traditional culture” with her art designs. In recent years, Lo, Yu-Fen started the promotion of “Cultural and Creative × Sightseeing = Experience-based Cultural and Creative Products Development”. She won 5 major awards including the German IF and the Red Dot. She is looking forward to creating a “Wonder Nest” brand from female’s perspective that could accompany you through different phases in your life.